Why do others get promoted and I don’t?

You’ve worked hard for a big company for years. You’ve been a good corporate citizen and never missed a shift. In fact, you’ve always been on time and have never been dealt with warnings on tardiness nor absenteeism. You’ve worked with passion. You’ve also consistently earned great scores in your performance metrics and have been the star employee several times.

Now, you’re wondering why others have already been promoted while you are still doing the same things that you’ve been doing since Day 1.

Do you look for a better opportunity elsewhere or stay put and work for that promotion?

Either way, promotion will just be around the corner for employees who truly stand out from the pack. In today’s highly competitive workplace, promotion is, sad to say, not for everyone. There’s more to earning high metric scores and being always present in the work arena for you to be able to get that promotion.

Indeed, there’s more to promotion than doing a job within your job description and getting your weekly pay. Promotion means that you are now ripe to take on new responsibilities.

The good news is promotion is fairly within your control. For as long as there is a need in the company for a higher position, desiring that promotion is your first step towards achieving your dream position.

Having the goal to be promoted is the first step. Knowing what the company looks for in an individual to be promoted is equally important.

This is best summarized as follows by MindTools:

To prepare for promotion, increase your value to the organization. Be smart about the type of value opportunities that you create. Understand what drives your company’s success, take on more of the right responsibilities, expand your skill set, and communicate your promotion goals to others.

Moreover, your promotion will not only depend on work competence. Also essential in getting greater chances to being promoted is having a formal qualification.

Nationally recognized qualification courses relevant to the job will also be largely considered. The more formally qualified you are, the better opportunity to get promoted, consequently, better chances of receiving a higher salary.

If you’re currently employed and would like to advance your skills and knowledge for better career opportunities, you can opt for online education. Education online can be completed at your own pace and time and are available on payment plans.

Check out relevant online formal qualification courses. Formal qualifications can very well increase your chances of getting that dream job promotion. You deserve it.